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Make Your Home Wildfire Ready and Insurable with FortressFire Inspections

Schedule a ground inspection to help protect your home from wildfire, facilitate insurance purchase, and align with wildfire regulations.

Understand and Navigate Wildfire Risk

Our data-driven platform helps assess, mitigate, monitor, and protect properties to reduce the threat of property loss, conform with wildfire regulations, and clear a path to insurability.


Empowering Property Owners and Insurers, Protecting Communities

We are on a mission to tackle the increasing threat posed by wildfires to California homes, commercial properties, and communities. Through our innovative approach and data-driven insights, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions for insurance carriers, real estate professionals, HOAs, small commercial enterprises, and homeowners. 

For Real Estate Professionals

Are you a real estate professional representing buyers or sellers in wildfire-prone areas? Our Wildfire Disclosure Report (WFDR) combines satellite imagery, machine learning, and advanced physics models to provide objective data on property-specific vulnerabilities. Building upon WFDR data, Fortress Fire Inspections define a property’s characteristics and condition against AB 38 and IBHS standards, including specific mitigation actions necessary to meet those standards. Equip your clients with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions, comply with regulations, and facilitate smooth transactions.

For Insurance Carriers

Are you an insurance carrier seeking reliable wildfire risk data to assess properties and offer coverage options? Our carrier solutions provide precise evaluations, removing subjectivity and guesswork. Whether applied to new policy underwriting or managing existing portfolios, our precise risk assessments and property-specific mitigation recommendations empower homeowners to maintain their properties to meet insurance industry standards and safeguard their property investments in the face of rising wildfire risk. 

For Property Owners

Do you own a residence or small commercial property in a wildfire-prone area and seek peace of mind and enhanced protection? Get an assessment to understand your property’s specific risks and receive customized mitigation strategies. Our comprehensive monitoring and protection services can help you save time, money, and most importantly, safeguard your home or small commercial operation. 


Why Choose Our Wildfire Risk Management Programs?

Advanced Technology: Our data-driven approach leverages cutting-edge technology, including satellite imagery, machine learning, and advanced physics models, for precise and reliable assessments.

Objective Insights: Say goodbye to vague hazard models. Our reports provide property-specific clarity, empowering you with tailored solutions and a practical mitigation roadmap.

Compliance and Peace of Mind: Understand the actions required to comply with state regulations, insurance requirements, and wildfire risk disclosure laws, while gaining peace of mind knowing you have taken proactive measures to protect your property.

Enhanced Property Value: Safeguard your investment, increase property desirability, and ensure smooth real estate transactions with objective wildfire risk data.

Aerial analysis of a properties features

Explore Our Programs Today

Discover the future of property protection with FortressFire’s Wildfire Risk Management Programs. Whether you’re a real estate professional, insurance carrier, or property owner, we have a program tailored to your needs. Take the first step towards wildfire resilience by exploring our offerings and partnering with us to safeguard California’s homes, commercial properties, and communities.

Better Technology for Better Results

The innovative AMP Platform combines multiple technologies that accurately assess wildfire ignition risk, continuously monitor properties, and coordinate mitigation and protection services whenever the need for them arises. 
Our powerful Property Ignition Model (PIM) produces scores for five separate wildfire threat vectors and proposes specific mitigation options for each potential ignition failure, while our USFS-qualified fire-retardant provides an additional layer of protection. 

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