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Make Your Home Wildfire Ready and Insurable with FortressFire Inspections

Schedule a ground inspection to help protect your home from wildfire, facilitate insurance purchase, and align with wildfire regulations.

The AMP Platform

We are the world’s first comprehensive solution for assessing and managing wildfire risk.

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Assess. Monitor. Protect.

FortressFire was built to serve property owners and insurers battered by the accelerating frequency and severity of wildfire events.

Our AMP Platform integrates multiple technology-based services into a cohesive user experience that enables insurers and property owners to better understand and manage wildfire risk at the individual property level.

Combining decades of wildfire science and firefighting experience with leading-edge thermodynamic models and machine learning algorithms, we bring underwriters from the zip code to the front door to improve access to insurance and reduce losses.

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We Clear the Path to Insurability

Our groundbreaking platform combines data from on-site inspections and aerial observation into underwriting processes to produce precise vulnerability assessments and remediation recommendations that harden the property to wildfire risk in line with the carriers acceptability guidelines.

Equipped with leading-edge technology and strategic insights, insurers can now:

  • Assess vulnerability risk to enable risk and rate balance
  • Integrate scores into underwriting and loss prevention workflows
  • Align interests of property owners, communities, regulators, and agencies

What Sets Us Apart

When analytics providers stop at aerial image assessment and publicly available data analysis, it leaves property owners and insurers with incomplete, opaque views of risk. Our technology continuously aggregates data on changes to structures and surrounding vegetation to determine precisely what managed services need to be triggered to proactively maintain the property in its insured state. And when those mitigation steps need to be taken.

In addition to annual property maintenance at the start of wildfire season, we provide daily updates to notify property owners and dispatch vetted asset protection services when risk levels rise.

  • Level 1 Asset Protection: Alerts sent to property owners over customer portal and mobile app, as well as on-site verification of property readiness.
  • Level 2 Asset Protection: Triggered during specific wildfire threats, this alert puts property-specific action plans into motion along with the application of our proprietary fire retardant.
Suburban street at night with a glowing wildfire burning on a hill on the horizon.

The AMP Platform in Action

Our groundbreaking AMP technology consists of three distinct components that work together to prepare properties to withstand wildfires.

Quantitative Modeling of Wildfire Vulnerability

The complex and chaotic nature of wildfires makes it difficult to evaluate the risk to individual properties. Our quantitative assessments provide insurers and property owners with an objective rating of wildfire vulnerabilities at the structure level and generate comprehensive mitigation plans that reduce risk and improve insurability.

  • Proprietary Property Ignition Model (PIM)
  • Property-level rating of ignition risks
  • Data-driven wildfire mitigation planning
  • Complement to existing hazard and catastrophe scores
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row of suburban homes viewed from street

Ongoing Evaluation of Risk

Conditions change over time, which creates the possibility for new or previously mitigated wildfire risks to develop. Our continuous, real-time monitoring capabilities use satellite imagery and atmospheric data to determine when seasonal maintenance services and protection actions should be triggered.

  • Daily updates on property conditions
  • Service triggers at predetermined thresholds
  • Continuous risk evaluation and mitigation throughout the wildfire season
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Overhead view of suburban town on a sunny day.

Facilitation of Maintenance and Asset Protection Services

The Monitoring system identifies regular seasonal and as-needed maintenance services, to evaluate property conditions and launch managed services that remediate the properties to their insured states.

When property conditions reach higher risk thresholds, the system also deploys asset protection services. During an active wildfire, we further fortify properties by applying our proprietary fire retardant.

  • Swift inspection and remediation during heightened threat conditions
  • Wildfire alerts and updates
  • Environmentally-friendly USFS-qualified long-term fire retardant
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Forest fire and dark smoke approaching small suburban town.

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