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Make Your Home Wildfire Ready and Insurable with FortressFire Inspections

Schedule a ground inspection to help protect your home from wildfire, facilitate insurance purchase, and align with wildfire regulations.

Empowering Homeowner
Associations and Communities

Take Charge of Wildfire Risk with Science and Protection Services

Welcome to FortressFire, where science and technology converge with managed services to protect residential communities from the increasing threat of wildfires. Our mission is to equip homeowner associations (HOAs) and communities with comprehensive wildfire risk assessment and tailored risk management and protection services. We’re here to help you take charge and build resilient communities.

Comprehensive Solutions for HOAs and Communities

Our offerings revolve around the heart of our operations: the FortressFire proprietary Property Ignition Model and AMP platform. With these powerful tools at our disposal, we can provide your community with detailed property-level wildfire risk assessments, real-time data, and customized mitigation strategies, real-time monitoring, and advanced asset protection services.

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Fortify Your Community with Data-Driven Insights

Aerial Reports

Obtain our detailed wildfire vulnerability assessment using satellite imagery, machine learning, and advanced physics models. Our reports provide objective data to make informed decisions, assess wildfire risk, and determine the most effective mitigation strategies.

On-Site Inspections

Take your wildfire risk assessment to the next level with a comprehensive on-site inspection. Our experts evaluate property-specific features, terrain, and vegetation density to offer customized and targeted risk management solutions.

Customized Solutions

Every community is unique, and we recognize that. Schedule a discovery call with our team to explore tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of your HOA or residential community. We’ll work closely with you to enhance protection and reduce wildfire vulnerability.

Your Trusted Partner in Wildfire Defense

At FortressFire, we understand that protecting communities from wildfires is a shared responsibility. We are committed to partnering with HOAs and residential communities to provide the necessary tools and support to bolster wildfire resilience.

The FortressFire Advantage

Data-Driven Precision: Our advanced technology ensures precise evaluations, removing subjectivity and guesswork from the equation. 

Practical Mitigation Strategies: Receive personalized recommendations from our experts tailored to your community‘s unique characteristics, enabling proactive measures for effective wildfire defense. 

Continuous Monitoring: Our system detects property changes and triggers ongoing mitigations, ensuring your community stays protected at all times.

Alignment with State Regulations: Documents the status for AB 38 inspections and insurability standards.

Proprietary Fire Retardant: Our partner company‘s patented long-lasting fire retardant provides an extra layer of defense, addressing specific failure modes observed in our model.

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FortressFire empowers HOAs and residential communities with detailed wildfire risk information and expert solutions. Take the first step towards wildfire resilience and protect what matters most.

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