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Make Your Home Wildfire Ready and Insurable with FortressFire Inspections

Schedule a ground inspection to help protect your home from wildfire, facilitate insurance purchase, and align with wildfire regulations.

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Fortify properties against wildfire threats with the latest fire management practices.

Precise + Practical + Prepared = Protected

Safeguarding properties from wildfire requires a proactive strategy that incorporates the latest innovations in fire management technology and asset protection protocols.

Our AMP Platform provides protection at scale by connecting property owners and insurers to a network of experienced service providers and fire management professionals.

In addition to performing planned maintenance year-round and remediation and readiness actions under emergency conditions, we offer application of our effective, environmentally friendly fire retardant.

See How It Works
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Next-Generation Fire Retardant

Our proprietary fire retardant is the first new entry to the market to be approved by the USFS in over 20 years. An alternative to fertilizer-based retardants, our innovative formula provides superior fire suppression capabilities and is significantly better for the environment. By strategically staging retardant tanks and applying our long-lasting retardant, we can substantially reduce ignition risks and keep structures from burning.

Practical Protection Plans

Asset protection services address potential vulnerabilities throughout the year to ensure that properties remain hardened against wildfire threats. FortressFire offers several managed service plans grounded in proven fire management practices. Our network of providers works closely with property owners and insurers to stay a step ahead of emerging wildfire conditions.

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Level 1: Wildfire Alerts & Updates

Our platform monitors atmospheric conditions, weather data, government announcements, and active fire perimeter data to communicate accurate, up-to-date alerts.

These detailed updates allow property owners to make informed decisions to protect their homes, their businesses, and their lives. Level 1 Asset Protection Services dispatch inspectors to conduct on-site verification of property readiness to ensure structures are properly prepared.

Level 2: Swift Remediation in High Threat Conditions

Quick action can make a huge difference when a wildfire is approaching. Level 2 Asset Protection Services dispatch vetted professionals to swiftly remediate known ignition threats, without interfering with wildfire fighting efforts. We also apply our proprietary fire retardant as an additional layer of protection.

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