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Make Your Home Wildfire Ready and Insurable with FortressFire Inspections

Schedule a ground inspection to help protect your home from wildfire, facilitate insurance purchase, and align with wildfire regulations.

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How It Works

FortressFire deploys multiple proprietary technologies to enable our industry-leading wildfire protection services.

The Backbone of Our Platform

Our robust infrastructure enables a powerful suite of analytics, managed services, and monitoring tools that deliver protective wildfire services at scale with unparalleled precision.

01. Foundation

Property Ignition Model (PIM)

The foundation of all FortressFire services, PIM uses property data and satellite imagery to generate ignition risk scores and provide mitigation recommendations to make properties insurable.

02. Systems

Services Management System

Our flexible network connects data analysis and monitoring tools to the service providers performing property remediations and facilitates communication, scheduling, billing, and service confirmation.

03. Systems

Monitoring System

Real-time data on changing property and weather conditions trigger protective services through the Services Management System to maintain properties in their mitigated, insurable state.

04. Apps

FortressFire Inspect App

Inspectors use this app to report accurate, on-the-ground property data to improve risk score accuracy and refine mitigation recommendations.

05. Apps

FortressFire Protect App

Customers use this app to review risk scores, confirm mitigation options, and select additional protection services as part of their coverage.

06. Apps

FortressFire Mitigate App

Service providers use this app to view work orders, access mitigation plans, communicate with property owners, facilitate payments, and provide confirmation of completed work.

07. Apps


Customers use this app to receive alerts, facilitate payments, monitor underwriting status, and coordinate additional services.

08. Platform


Calculate an objective rating of wildfire vulnerabilities to better price risk and inform mitigation plans.

09. Platform


Maintain continuous oversight with ongoing monitoring of wildfire risk factors and emerging threats.

10. Platform


Facilitate asset protection services to proactively remediate identified threats and actively harden properties to reduce losses.

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