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FortressFire Introduces New Platform and Wildfire Disclosure Report

California real estate professionals can now leverage satellite images, machine learning, and advanced physics models to help clients make informed decisions and protect residential properties from wildfire risks.

Manage Wildfire Risk

Our data-driven platform helps assess, monitor, and protect properties to reduce the threat of property loss.

Wildfire severity and frequency are accelerating, driven by housing expansion and increasingly extreme weather patterns. Insurance markets have been paralyzed by the inability to quantitatively model the complex, chaotic nature of wildfire threats at the individual property level.

FortressFire’s AMP Platform is the world’s first and only comprehensive solution, empowering insurers, communities, and property owners to assess wildfire risks, monitor potential wildfire threats, and trigger asset protection.

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A New Way to Manage Wildfire Risk

Our proprietary technology assesses wildfire ignition risks at the individual property level, continuously monitors potential threats, and coordinates asset protection services to reduce losses.

We complement existing hazard models by providing a deterministic, quantitative structure vulnerability assessment to enhance underwriting accuracy and power mitigation plans to maintain properties in their insured state.

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Better Technology for Better Results

The innovative AMP Platform combines multiple technologies that accurately assess wildfire ignition risk, continuously monitor properties throughout the year, and coordinate maintenance and protection services whenever the need for them arises.

Our powerful Property Ignition Model (PIM) produces scores for five separate wildfire threat vectors and proposes specific mitigation options for each potential ignition failure, while our USFS-qualified fire-retardant provides an additional layer of protection.

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How FortressFire is Different

Advances in data analytics and prediction models help reduce risk for insurers and property owners by determining the likelihood that a wildfire will impact a property.

But this approach doesn’t assess what might happen on that property or provide actionable recommendations for reducing the risk or protecting the property.

Our data-driven approach complements existing hazard models by assessing ignition risks at the individual structure level. Then we determine how each individual structure can be hardened to minimize damage and loss. We supplement aerial imagery, historical data satellite imagery, and property records with validated ground-level inspection data to generate a comprehensive and precise picture of the wildfire vulnerability.

Risk assessment is not sufficient on its own. Our platform connects customers to a network of vetted maintenance services.

When environmental conditions change, monitoring technology alerts insurers and property owners and triggers remediation services to swiftly review and address vulnerabilities.

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