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Make Your Home Wildfire Ready and Insurable with FortressFire Inspections

Schedule a ground inspection to help protect your home from wildfire, facilitate insurance purchase, and align with wildfire regulations.

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FortressFire’s Groundbreaking Inspection Program: A Shield Against Wildfire Risk

FortressFire® has launched Onsite Inspections to extend their wildfire risk solutions with the California Association of REALTORS®. Serving real estate professionals and homeowners, our Inspections supplement aerial assessment with on-the-ground evaluation and recommendations for a property’s wildfire mitigation, monitoring, and protection.

Wed. June 12, 2024


California, with its breathtaking landscapes, unfortunately, faces the perennial threat of wildfires. In response, FortressFire® proudly introduces the FortressFire® Onsite Inspection Program—an all-encompassing solution designed to assure compliance with wildfire regulations, recommend strategic plans for protection, and facilitate insurance acquisition and renewal for California property owners.

At the heart of FortressFire® Inspections is a commitment to defining a property's characteristics and condition in relation to wildfire vulnerability, regulatory compliance, and insurance standards. This program sets a new standard by evaluating a property against AB 38 and IBHS (Institute for Business and Home Safety) standards, providing objective documentation and identifying specific mitigation actions needed to meet those standards. Our mission is to empower property owners to proactively protect their homes, ensuring resilience in the face of potential wildfire threats.

Inspections Program Overview

FortressFire® Inspections are priced at $495, offering a cost-effective solution for property owners seeking a comprehensive wildfire risk assessment and mitigation roadmap. The process is streamlined, with payments accepted via credit card, making it convenient for property owners to prioritize the safety of their homes.

As a token of appreciation for those who have previously ordered our Wildfire Disclosure Reports (WFDRs), a special discount is extended to both property owners and agents/brokers. This discount reinforces our commitment to building long-term relationships with those who share our dedication to wildfire preparedness.

Post-Inspection Deliverables

  • Ground Risk Report: The Ground Risk Report is a detailed breakdown itemizing wildfire exposure and vulnerability scores. It is based on an onsite inspection of the structure, surrounding fuels, and overall condition. This report provides a tangible understanding of the property's risk level, enabling informed decision-making.
  • Ground Inspection Report: This report inventories wildfire-related data elements of the property, including the structure, trees, and defensible space zones. Comprehensive insights help property owners strategically plan and implement mitigation measures to enhance the property's resilience.
  • Service Orders: Required mitigation actions and pricing are presented in a logical format, ready to implement for greater wildfire readiness. Whether property owners choose to contract services or do the work themselves, this document equips them with actionable steps to fortify their homes. Additionally, recommended protection plans are outlined, offering a comprehensive approach to property safety.

In a state where wildfires pose a constant threat, FortressFire's Inspection Program emerges as a beacon of preparedness. By bridging the gap between a property's vulnerability, regulatory requirements, and standards of insurability, we empower property owners to take control of their homes' safety and resilience.

Supporting Property Owners and Real Estate Transactions

Inspections documentation can help buyers, sellers, and their agents become better informed of wildfire risks – including regulatory compliance and insurability – minimizing confusion and bringing greater confidence to real estate transactions. FortressFire® can help buyers and sellers navigate the compliance, clear a path to insurance, and protect their properties.

  • For Sellers and Agents: Use data from WFDRs and Inspections to prepare a property for listing, know which vulnerabilities are under your control, be proactive to appeal to prospective buyers, and market your home as wildfire resilient.
  • For Buyers and Buyer Agents: Understand the effort and cost to make a property wildfire compliant and insurable before making a bid on a property. After closing, use Inspections data to guide property mitigation, prepare for a CalFire or IBHS certified inspection, or improve insurability profile for additional options and renewals.

Our commitment extends beyond inspections. It's a promise to build a community of informed and empowered property owners who prioritize the protection and insurability of their homes. Join us in preparing California's homes against the unpredictable nature of wildfires—schedule your FortressFire® Inspection today.

Wed. June 12, 2024

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